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Recalcualte Unit Price

I'm not too familiar with Unit Price calculations so I'm hoping someone can provide insight on how to do the below task.

My user would like the Unit Price to recalculate when a Trim Charge/Penalty(URAT) value is inputted. As of right now, when the Trim Charge value is put into P4210, it does not update the Unit Price and Pricing History. My thought is when the User exits the field and it is changed, the piece of code would then run and update the unit price to reflect the value of the Trim Charge. Like mentioned above, the process of handling Price Changes is beyond my knowledge so any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance for taking a look at this.
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Update: It appears Rewind Charge (UPC2) in P4210 does what I need Trim Penalty to do. Anyone familiar with how this happens?
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