JDE E1 P04571 Payment Number DOCM doesn't populate although SNC fields does.

Hi JDE Forum,

I'm using JDE E1 8.10.

An error is happening now that I'm trying to do the following process...
(1) Create Purchase Order → (2) Receive Purchase Order → (3) Create and Approve Voucher → (4) Create Payment Group → (5) Write Payment Group → (6) Update Payment Group.

Everything works fine until I get to step (5):
  1. We have setup the system with a default account which contains already the NN.
  2. When I pick the proper record (there is only one) to use the NN as the new payment number, it fills in file F04571.SNC.
  3. However, when I pick the record, F04572.DOCM remains in zero.
  4. As a result, the PK document type won't be generated & my voucher would return to the value "Approved".

  • This is happening only with negative purchase orders (instead of buying, the system is setup for returning RMA). Normal purchase orders are working perfectly fine.
  • This is happening in lower environments, but I'm trying to reproduce the process (unsuccessfully). In production we cannot actually tell because the users didn't knew about this process; nonetheless, there are several RMA-related documents, which leads me to think in PROD there is are no issues.