P42101. Add new column to Sales Order Detail not working



I'm trying to add three new columns to Sales Order Detail Subform (P421002) to add data to F4211. This columns aren't on the grid, so I searched for a documentation on the Knowledge Garden, and I found this case: "E1: FDA: User Reserved Fields URCD, URDT, URAT, URAB and URRF. (Doc ID 1678558.1)", I opened a SR to get this document and the Oracle people sended it to me (I attach the document I get).
Well, I followed the steps as described and still there is no update on F4211.

The fields I try to update are FRTH, VR02 and URAT, They aren't on the P421002 grid.

I added the fields on the grid, then modified D4210620A (S421002C_SalesOrderDetailData) to be able to pass the data to the BSFN B4210620 (S421002C Sales Order Detail View Controller), also modified this BSFN to define this three new GC. I validate that the B4210620 can interact whith this new GC because I'm able to disable them from the BSFN:
EnableGrid(lpBhvrCom, GRID_SOLINES, nGridRowNumber, GC_F_H, FALSE);)

Can anyone tell what I'm missing or doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated, I have been trying to get this working all week.

E910, Tools


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Probably the best way would be to check if the info is passed into the function. If it does then the issue might be that it doesnt passed until End doc.

Thanks for your answer Chana.

I validate the info is passed to the BSFN B4210620 debugging it. The thing is, I guess, I was looking it wrong. The problem is not in this BSFN, if is getting the info from the grid. The problem and what I don't know how to solve is, how I pass this info to the caché and then save it in the F4211. I don't know if someone did it before.
Normally, I would try to update this fields after the line is inserted in the F4211, but as is asynchronous it's not easy to control.
I dont have access to 9.x so would be able to help much but the idea would be that you will have to pass your new fields along with the standard fields, you have to track all the functions that might be affected.
I think Controller is the new element added along with normal Sales MBFs. It is possibility that you might end up changing structure and code of many fucntions in-order to make them available where you need them. This also applies to cache as this fields might not be in cache so you will have to added them which i think might be your issue.

Thanks Chana. I think you are right, maybe the objects involved are too much. I'll try to debug all the BSFN involved to see if I can see where parameters are being passing through the BSFN.
P421002 Application to update the User reserved fields Through the B4210620 BSFN.

Hello Every one,

I am facing issue with B4210620 BSFN to add/update the user reserved fields.

I have Modified D4210620A Data structure and B4210620 BSFN to Add/Update user reserved fields (URAT,URAB,URCD,URDT,URRF) to the F4211 table. And it's working fine for URCD,URDT,URRF in both add/update mode.

The issue with only URAT,URAB fields.

The URAT,URAB is getting cached for the first time and when there is any change in Override price (URAT),Min Q(URAB) field, the latest value is not getting cached and it is retaining the previous value.

Please help on this...
Hello every one,

Please let me know if any one has come across this requirement. Any inputs on the same is highly appreciable.

I reproduced the modifications in the document and I find the same problem. The values are not stored in the file F4211.
Did you find out a solution?