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Hi,I got a requirement like need to access a table from different data source, that is schema for my JDE report. How to Map different schema or data source into our JDE table. In JDE DB, we have 2 different schema . for DV env, it is like DEVDTA and other is JDERPT. DEVDTA is our regular JDE tables which we are using for report. Whereas JDERPT has different format but that data i need to use in JDE. We are not supposed to copy JDERPT data into DEVDTA(JDE) tables. Let me know if you guys get any idea
One way is to use Table Handles in the UBE.
Search on "Table Handles"
Tnx Larry for the suggestion. While creating a handle, in edit rule tab, we need to mention the table associated for the Handle. As of now i am able to map only JDE table on Edit rule.But I am unable to select the JDERPT schema(other source) table. Where/How it should be defined. Any help on this is appreciated.
you initially said "... for my JDE report ..."
So is this an interactive application or a Report (UBE)?
If I'm following correctly, it sounds to me like you want to interact with a different database while in JDE directly from a UBE or APP? If so, I don't think that is possible? What you need to do is get the data from the foreign DB to tables inside JDE. There a number of ways to do this, but before going on, I think we need to know for sure what you're trying to achieve.
Do you mean

1) You want a UBE/APPL to read over a table that is not in ANY JDE schema. A foreign external to E1 table? Or an E1 table that lives in JDERPT

2) You want a UBE/APPL running in DV to see UT data?

1) is easy enough.
You create a new table in E1 that has the exact same columns types and the exact same order as your foreign table.
You then get a DBA to DROP your table and create a dummy view which points to your external table using a synonym.
Give it the correct E1 grants and you can then read external data in a UBE.
Every time you promote the table, you need your DBA to replicate the steps on the database

2) is a little tricky and not doable in an APPL. UBE kind of. So to save myself the effort, I am hoping it's 1) you meant. And yes it's possible. I do it all the time
And maybe you can get CNC to add an OCM for you to point to JDERPT?
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As Data is only on other Schema/ Foreigh table, we need to access it in JDe Report. Data is not supposed to copy to JDE table through Table conversion.

A table handle can be pointed to a different environment than the current user's environment. Do a UBE running in PROD can access a table in CRP for example. This would need to be done in Event Rules - not a BSVW.
If the table is foreign to JDE then you need to use the Virtual Table approach as described by John Danter and for which you can search/google for more info.