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Is there any upgrade utility for converting existing Create!Form documents to the newer version?

We are currently on v3 of Create!Forms and would like to upgrade to v7.0 or 8.0. We are using Create!Forms extensively, hence we are looking for some kind of a migration tool if available, instead of converting one document at a time.


I asked Bottomline about a conversion tool 5 or 6 years ago. There was none then. I haven't heard of any since. You could ask Bottomline.
Yes, Cform7 and Cform8 have a Project Conversion Utility. It will convert .cfp (Cform v2.7), .fpj2 (Cform 3.2), .fpp (Cform3.2 packed projects) .cpstream and .pdfstream project files. it is pretty good but does have limitations and quirks. There is an Assesment Only mode that helps you see if your project files will convert. If your are going to convert .fpj2 project files then you need to have ALL of the project files (same as when you open the project in CformDesigner).

If you are running JDE E1 9.2 you have to go to Cform8. It's the only version that will work with E1 9.2 PDF's.

Good Luck!

The Project Conversion Utility has been in the software since Cform7. Cform7 was the first version that CformDesigner actually worked with JDE PDF's correctly.

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