1. E9.1 Convert JDE 9.1 CreateForm to 9.2 BIP

    We are using CreateForm Director for printing requirement. Now are are in progress to convert from 9.1 to 9.2 and from CreateForm to BIP. Is there anybody has similar setup and share their experience? Thanks 9.1 TR
  2. J Thomas

    Alternate text for the body of the email generated by CF

    I'm trying to find out if there is a way to have alternate text in the body of an email generated from CF 8.0. Are any of those fields below the "BodyText" field designed to do that? CF version
  3. Upgrade utility for Create!Forms

    Hi, Is there any upgrade utility for converting existing Create!Form documents to the newer version? We are currently on v3 of Create!Forms and would like to upgrade to v7.0 or 8.0. We are using Create!Forms extensively, hence we are looking for some kind of a migration tool if available...
  4. Create!form Large Files in 'Create!form\Temp'

    Large files named 'cf------' set of letters and numbers keep being put into my Create!form\Temp folder the file Type is 'File' these files are about a 1GB in size each but I do not know if they are important or not. If any one could tell me what they are that would be great Thanks Mike
  5. Printing A specific section on new Page

    Hi Team, We need to print a section on new page when ever it starts. I have done it in JDE. JDE pdf is fine but when it comes to create form, it gets appended to last section on same page when last section overflows to next page. Please suggest any views on this. Currently we have...
  6. adamodar

    Different Output from Adobe Plugin and CF Printer

    Different Outputs from Adobe Plugin and CF Printer I recently changed some pagestyles to print new signatures. When I open the raw pdf and merge using the CF plugin, I get the correct signatures displayed on it but when I send the raw pdf to a CF Printer, it prints with the old signatures...