Updating F4211Fields like URAB.NTR ,ROUT by usingB4200310 Pre Process Edit Line BSFN



I am using B4200310 Pre Process Edit Line BSFN to update few fields in F4211 like, NTR(NAture Of Transaction,),URAB.F4211.ROUT. after F4211 Edit line Function but unable achieve the same.

Can someone provide information on F4211 Pre Processor Function . How can i update remaining fields which are not there in F4211 Edit line. I want to achieve this without using Table IO

I believe you have to call F4211FSEditLinePreProcess before calling F4211FSEditLine. I always use the debug log and then a transaction using the accociated APPL (in this case P42101 or P4210) to determine which BSFN calls to make and what parameters need to be passed.