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F4211 Edit line for Changing item number


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Hi All,
Customer wants to update the item number by providing order number in a report. for example item number XXXXXX in a order needs to be updated as XXXXXX.CP for same order/same line
We are using F4211 Edit line, but it is not updating. Please can you help me seeing the attachd code and check what we are missing.

We also tried through table io F4211.update but when running many subsequent process like edit line after updating thro table IO, item number is dropping back to original item number.

any help will be appreciated.



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I don't believe you can change the item number once the line is created. You have to cancel the existing line and create a new line.


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I think BOster is right, but to prove it try and change the item number on an existing line interactively with P4210. Make sure your processing options are set up to allow change at the line's status etc. If you can't do it interactively you probably can't do it programatically.