Ship Confirm bsfn - F42UI05 Edit line and End Doc


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We have created a custom ube to allocate inventory against specific lot number. Users want this in batch version against using ship confirm app.

problem is F42UI05 Edit Line not working at all.
I am using 2 bsfns namely F42UI05 Edit Line and Ship Confirm End Document. My first question would be are these 2 functions enough or Do is there a need to mimic all the business function as in P4205.

I looked into other business function to use - Sales Order update for inv commitment, but this one allocates inv by FIFO method and not to a specific lot.
Not sure if this can be also be achieved thru F4211 Edit Line, because it allocated full sales order quantity to specific instead of lot qty (splitting line).
So we zeroed down on ship confirm business function.

Does anyone have any insight into this.

JDE E 9.2
Replicate application logic by looking at logs and parameters. This is the best approach to mimic.
Remove and make edits based on parameters required. There is no other easy way to do this.
Look at the BF that R47500 uses for EDI that processes F47131 and F47132
- copy what works ,,, make it easy on yourself
I had designed custom Ship confirm func couple of years ago and basically you only need Edit line and End doc. You don't need to use F4211 Edit line as it would be taken care of by F4205 func. The fun is when you do multiple lots on single line of F4211, you will have to split the line based on qty to confirm on the lot. There is different parameters to be passed when splitting the line on lot level during ship confirm but it worked flawlessly. I dont have the notes handy and will have to go thru my archives.
I remember i had issues on End doc for some of the Order types and had to clone it to remove the bug i found since standard End doc was throwing error and my service would stop seeing error code returned as i was callling fucntion thru BSSV.

If you have ND3N4205 function, it does mimic P4205 with multi location functionality.
These are DClink functions and can cause licensing issues if you don't own the product/license.

If you already have those function in your system. Then there is no licensing issue. It is comes with JDE package until 9.0 I guess.
So I replicated business funcs F42UI05 Edit line and End doc by looking at logs and parameters from P4205 app and it worked. Thanks Abhishek.
BAs still have a slight issue as split line numbers are 1.100 instead of 1.001 but they are okay with it.

Thank you all for your advice. :)