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Update 2


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hello list,

I applied U2 to Dev and was hoping to promote the project after retrofitting
to status of 26 in order to bring it to PY and jsut build full pacakge and
all done......not that fast.

RL says you cannot promote the project like other ESUs. You have to reapply
it to PY and have to retrofit it twice (DEV & PY).

BTW ...It went very smooth

Any suggestion please !!!!!!!!!

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I opened another call with RL for second opinion. They said the you can
promote the project to 26 but you gonna have to run only control table merge
for the PY.

Anybody has anything to say please say it before I try that on Monday.


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Re: RE: Update 2

You can read the tales of my Update 2 woes on another thread...

My RL answer was they do not recommend using omw to promote the project since there are "over 3000 objects" in it.

My project promotion attempt ran for some 30+ hours, so be prepared if you go that route.

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We are on SP15.1 and went to Update 2 little over a week ago. When we
deployed the full packages, the other path codes on fat clients were wiped
out. KG has a document out there that instructs you to rename the other
folders before taking the packages, as a work around. You really have to
MOVE the other path codes out from under B7 because it deletes all other
folders regardless of what you name them. I called JDE on this, and they
said they've not been able to consistently reproduce the problem. So, maybe
this won't happen to you..Good luck.

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Re: RE: Update 2

I'm on SP15 and was looking for that folder delete problem since I saw that KG article, but installing full packages has worked exactly as expected for us. Go figure. :)

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RE: RE: Update 2

We're also on SP15 and have discovered that if we deploy our full packages
by running setup.exe from the OneWorld Client Install folder on ds, then the
other multiple pathcodes do not get removed from the client b7 folder,
exactly as you would expect. But if we schedule full package deployment
through the Package Deployment application to existing Xe clients, all
other existing pathcodes are removed when the user accepts the package.

Fortunately most of our production users are on Citrix clients so its not a
big deal for us to manually install full packages to the terminal servers
when we need to.

Tim Brandley
QNX Software Systems Ltd., Canada
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When you deploy a full package you say that it removes other "environments"
installed on that PC. Is it only if you do a mandatory deployment or is it
any kind of deployment (including a "client install")?

We had this same problem and JDE told us that this was a bug with SP15.x and
that we would either have to go back prior to SP15 or put on SP16. We put
on SP16 last night and are in the process of testing our "mandatory" pushes
right now.

Let me know if anyone else has experienced this issue.


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If we do a client install using the full package, it does not delete any
other environments under B7. If we take a deployed full package, whether
mandatory or not, it will delete the environments. Seems to be tied to the
deployment rather than install function. We have limited thick clients, and
can work around the issue, once we've identified it. Could be a problem for
companies with many thick clients, though.

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RE: RE: Update 2

Does anyone know how to change/edit the Packages Entries/Names when
Installing JDE for the first time ???
Is there somesort of inf file to edit ? where is it located ??

Sami Maurice
Nile Valley Gas Company
XE SP 15 Update 1