E9.2 UOM Conversion Unsuccessful with Dimensions

Hi Team,

I'm new to Advanced WMS. I'm trying to setup an item's dimensions & weight, & I established "CM" as the UoM for the dimensions.

However, I ran into error "Unit of Measure Conversion Unsuccessful". I'm familiar with the concept of the UoM, but where can I find the UoM against which it is supposed to have a conversion?

Any help is appreciated.

UoM conversions are defined within Item Master Revisions using the form exit "Conversions".
Hi DSauve,

I'm not talking about the UOM per se. My problem is that the program is asking me to create a conversion between a given UOM & a dimension set (the combination width × depth × height) UOM.
When I try to create a U/M Definition in P46011, either using Item Level or Dimension Group, I get this error:


What I'm failing to understand is why the system is asking for a conversion from "EA" to "MT".


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Hi Felipe, JDE needs a way for establishing the link between the primary (EA) and the dimension (MT).
Even if it may seem like non sense, you must make the link between dimension and volume UoM.
you must review within the item conversion (P41002) for the primary Uom conversion (P41003)

Example : in our system, for instance, we put for a cookie box :
- 1 EA = 575 'CC' (Cubic Centimeter) in the item conversions (P41002)
- 1 EA = 23 x 5 x 5 'CM' (Centimeter) in the Item dimensions group (P46011)
- 1 CC = 1 CM (P41003) <----Which is important !!!!
- 1 MT = 100 'CM' (P41003)

It could solve your problem.