E9.2 Unit of measure conversion error F4211

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I am working on a conversion from World A93 to JDE 9.2. My sales orders were not creating shipments so I could not ship confirm. I found a thread that showed me that I needed to add records to UDC 49/SD for my order type/line type combination. We use SL for the order type and line type S for stock orders.

UDC values.png

However, now that I have done that, the sales order creation program (P4210, Form W4210H) is giving me a UOM conversion error.

UOMconversion error.png

Here are the values from the Item Master for this item.

Item Master UOMs.png

Here are the Transportation Constants.

Trans constants.png

Here are the values that either existed or I have added trying my best guesses as to what values could be missing. (Checked are ones I added vs. what existed.)

P41003 std UOM values.png

What am I missing?


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    P41003 std UOM values.png
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Did you have Conversion factors defined between between EA-->LB and EA-->CI. If not add them to Item Level UOM Conversions(P41002) and check the program
That was the answer. My client didn't have anything in P41002 and doesn't care since all orders are customer pick up. I just added those two records to P41003 as 1 = 1 and it worked. For customers that do care, P41002 is the way to go.

Thanks so much!