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UBE will not run on server


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We have 2 iSeries 740s running V6R1. 1 is production and 2 is DR.
We want to create a standalone system from a backup of our production box.
We restored our production System to our DR box and changed the RDB & machine names.
Changed OCM, DBDS and Server names.
Added entries to CFGTCP for production pointing to bogus IP address so it can't connect to production machine or deployment server.

New deployment server installed and working for DR box.
Fat client installed with correct DBDS & OCM for DR box.

What Works:
JDE Services start on enterprise server, jde logs are clean in JDE812
I can log into JDEPLAN & DEP812 from deployment server
I can log into fat client and run UBEs locally

What Doesn't Work:
Submitting UBE from Fat Client fails:

1508/3540 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 02 15:43:01.856036 Jdb_ctl.c3681
Starting OneWorld

1508/2368 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Thu Apr 02 15:44:17.934020 LaunchXMLUBE.c75
Submitting R98OWSECA, CRB0001 to XXX2 for XML specs

1508/2368 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Thu Apr 02 15:44:23.528001 Jdeknube.c3861
KNT0000107 - Remote batch process could not be
submitted on XXX2.

RUNUBE from IBM Advanced Job Scheduler errors:

825/6 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 2 15:54:06.245176 dbdrv_log.c196
OS400QL001 - ConnectDB:Unable to connect to DS 'XXX2 - 812 Server Map' in DB XXX2 - 812 Server Map' on Server DB XXX2' via 'T' with Commitment 'N'. QCPFMSG *LIBL - CPFB752 - Internal error in &2 API

825/6 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 2 15:54:06.245360 jdb_drvm.c890
JDB9900164 - Failed to connect to XXX2 - 812 Server Map

825/6 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 2 15:54:06.245560 jtp_cm.c273
JDB9909003 - Could not init connect.

825/6 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 2 15:54:06.245640 jtp_tm.c1130
JDB9909100 - Get connect info failed: Transaction ID =

825/6 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 2 15:54:06.245712 jdb_rq1.c2226
JDB3100013 - Failed to get connectinfo

825/6 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 2 15:54:06.245792 dbdrv_log.c196
OS400CN004 - IsValidConnection:DBC is NULL

825/6 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 2 15:54:06.245856 jdb_drvm.c945
JDB9900166 - Failed to free db connection

825/6 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 2 15:54:06.245928 jdb_omp1.c1873
JDB9900251 - Failed to shut down connection.

825/6 MAIN_THREAD Thu Apr 2 15:54:06.246024 jdb_omp1.c3350
JDB9900257 - Failed to open F986101

Any help at all is greatly appreciated.