1. process <runube> could not be registered

    I am facing with an error while executing command "runube <username> <password> PD7333 R0006P XJDE0001 QBATCH B H S ". The system is showing "process <runube> could not be registered". I am executing this command from path /oneworld/b7333/system/bin32/. Also I am executing command from the same...
  2. cody_bell

    UBE will not run on server

    We have 2 iSeries 740s running V6R1. 1 is production and 2 is DR. We want to create a standalone system from a backup of our production box. We restored our production System to our DR box and changed the RDB & machine names. Changed OCM, DBDS and Server names. Added entries to CFGTCP for...