1. SLBROWN58

    E9.0 Runube

    We are trying to get the Runube to work on a Linux server. When we connect thru ssh and go to the bin32 directory and run the command it works fine. But when we run the command from command line we get a floating point exception(core dump) error. ssh xxx@server cd...
  2. process <runube> could not be registered

    I am facing with an error while executing command "runube <username> <password> PD7333 R0006P XJDE0001 QBATCH B H S ". The system is showing "process <runube> could not be registered". I am executing this command from path /oneworld/b7333/system/bin32/. Also I am executing command from the same...
  3. cody_bell

    UBE will not run on server

    We have 2 iSeries 740s running V6R1. 1 is production and 2 is DR. We want to create a standalone system from a backup of our production box. We restored our production System to our DR box and changed the RDB & machine names. Changed OCM, DBDS and Server names. Added entries to CFGTCP for...