UBE runs on web only when debug log is turned on..


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I am having a weird issue while running a simple UBE.
The custom UBE is pretty simple, has Left outer join on F0901 and F0902. It just has around 50 If-else loops, and gets account balances based on cat codes.
The problem is,
- UBE runs fine on local machine but when ran on web, it error out. however if the log is turned On, it runs fine. SO I can not find any way to figure out whats wrong.
- I copied the UBE into new one, but new one also fails
- I changed the logic but again failed.
- I created new versions, re-deployed it on server, but failed.

Any help is hugely appreciated.

am not sure why it is behaving like this. Once check both the server debug logs (success and Failure) or please attach the logs.