UBE fails to run locally


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Hello Listers,
I take the time, per Zoltan's suggestion, to publish our problem and HIS solution, thinking of all those JDEPeople looking for a tricky solution to a more than trickier situation.
B7321, SP12.2, RS6000, Oracle 805, Client/Developer wkstn NT4 SP3.
We were trying to make a custom UBE run locally (that is, we mapped it adding a new record into OCM and activated it).
It just won't work!
The Printer Selection screen was coming up with a message: Error: "No printer available"
and in the mean time, the log was saying:
'300/363 Mon Jan 15 14:15:36 2001 jdekprnt366 KNT0000121 - GetPrinterDefinition failed to find printer: Printer:'
We tried to make ANY UBE (R0006P) to run locally: the same bad result.
The LOCAL Server Data Source had "Local" for the Server Name instead of "LOCAL"! That ... simple!
HOW DID WE GET TO KNOW IT? Based on Zoltan's wonderful/marvelous/surprising ... (and the list would never, ever, end here) intuition, the XE LOCAL Server Data Source was compared with the B7321's one! Somehow, in the process of upgrading B7321 to XE, the Server Name ... went to all capitals "LOCAL". When mapping the R0006P to run locally in XE, no problem at all!
Thank you Zoltan, you made my day!
Adrian Chimirel

LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 805
RS/6000, Citrix, 200+ clients