E9.1 U Stocking Type Transfer Orders


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I'm sure I know the answer to this - just trying to find a possible workaround.

We export a significant number of items to foreign markets. In the past, our planning cycle was pretty short, so we could send final transfer orders and then change the stocking type to U, set up a U ghost BOM under the existing item and demand would move to the new item. I know once you put a U on a branch, you no longer can ship product to another branch.

However, we've now extended the time of the planning cycle (in some cases significantly). So, I may still have inventory being manufactured/stored in one facility. If I change the stocking type to U today, the existing inventory in the manufacturing plant will fall out of the supply chain as demand will move to the new on the ghost BOM. The alternative is managing demand manually, which gets to be significant work across multiple branches.

Are there any alternatives anyone has found?
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