E9.1 U Stocking Type - Can You Prevent Work Orders From Being Entered?


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We've been trying to standardize Ghost BOM's in JDE and we found a (sort of) issue.

Item 123 was a manufactured item. The stocking type is changed to U. The old SKU (item 123) has a BOM for the new item (345). Forecasts are entered for 100 of item 123 each week. The U stocking type treats this as a "manufactured" item. On supply and demand, you would see demand on the 123 with an order type of WO. The demand flows correctly to item 345 and there is demand on that item.

However, if I process messages for item 123, it would still let me create a work order. there is a warning, but we usually get a lot of warnings so it will likely be ignored. The parts list would be just the 345 SKU rather than what it was before, but that seems like a lot of extra work to discover that we no longer manufacture the 123.

My (incorrect) understanding that a U stocking type would not allow a user to create a work order for that SKU. Is there any way other than changing it to O to prevent the item from being on a work order?