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When I set up Advanced Transportation and came across something kinda wierd.
I found that once I had set it up, and I tried to create a sales order
(which should create a shipment header automatically) only a F4215 record
was written, but the F4941 record was not. Because of that when I went into
the P4215 (work with shipments, uses a business view over both files) I
could not view my record. I turned debug on and saw where it was trying to
do the insert into the F4941. I noticed that it was trying to load one
field the NPCS (number of peices) with 999,999.00. When I compared that to
the data dictionary I saw that the field was only 5 long. (that exlained why
the insert was failing) Then I found where the value was coming from in the
P49002 (work with transportation contants) On the UOM Default/Status Code
tab there are two fields labled max. piece weight and max peice volume. I
found that the value above comes form the max. peice volume (MXPV).

All that being said, anyone else seen this? I want to know if I have other
issues, or if this is effecting other people.


B7332 sp 13.1 AS/400 v4r4

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We had the same thing with pounds. I changed the unit of measure for my
piece count to make it calculate lower than the 999999 and it created the a
shipment record. You will have to figure what unit of measure you want for
your pieces.



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We had the same problem here about 4 months back. There were some problems that arose as a result of the pre-req ESU that we applied. There were about two or three SAR's in the ESU that fixed problems in the Transportation module. I can't remember offhand the ESU or SAR numbers, but you may want to check the Knowledge Garden or call the Help Desk.