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Looking for someone who has created a good solution for printing JDE media object attachments in Transform. For now, I cannot get the Transform product to recognize blank lines as it strips them out of the printed text. It also does not adhere to CRLF placement within the text.

Does anyone have a halfway elegant solution for printing this type of text? We have several critical internal documents where this information needs to be accurately depicted on the output form.


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Years ago we had no end of problems with printing attachments. In the finfish I created a copy of the standard JDE UBE and changed the way attachments were printed on the PDF. Using a repeating section I had one line per section occurrence (it was not a simple process to breakup the text properly). That left the problem with the disappearing blank lines. If the line was blank we used a single full stop (period point for our colleagues in USA). Then in Create!form using alternate sections, if the value of the line was a single full stop, then the colour was changed to white. This allowed the line to be printed, but it was not visible. You might be able to do something similar in transform

If you need assistance with the breakup of the attached text see these threads:


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There are two ways to skin the ... sorry, to deal with attachments in TransForm:
1. The old way of FormScape
2. The "newly" introduced OSA/PDF RT Parser in TransForm; I am using TransForm 5.3.
Which one are you interested in?

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With OSA parser you can make the parser to keep the user format including line breaks, at least since transform 4.3 and up to 6.1

Also I have setup projects to print the other type of attachments like pdf or images attached to JDE transactions.

Used for custom contract application, for grower contraces, and also for printing sales order attachments in sales quotes and manufacturing attachments on work orders.

Please, feel free to contact me if you need proffesional assistance

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Hi All,

I have attached a document that shows the steps to add attachments to a form report by using the Transform Designer in Bottomline. The attachments are from a JDE E1 9.10 PDF report that need to show in the Purchase Order form report.





I need some help or steps to setup a new bottomline report (Based on PO report from JDE 9.10 - PDF Output) to be able to e-mail it or archive it by using logic within the "Branch/Project" by using Transform Designer 5.3.

Thanks in advance for your help,