Print MO Attachments on servers - from UBE's or separately



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A new product: EverMOPrint

Easy printing of MO Attachments on servers. No additional software (i.e.: no need for MS Office, or Acrobat Reader). Easy installation. Either x32 or x64 bit (to match your JDE bitness).

A typical use case scenario: when printing some types of documents, like WO's or PO's, etc., it may be desirable to chain-print all related attachments right after. This functionality was sadly missing in JDE, but now with this solution, it's as easy as 1-2-3 ;-)

Another scenario may be adding a "Print Attachments" button in any APPL's, which would just call this function on the server.

There are 4 functions bundled here:

The first 3 parameters are OBNM and TXKY for MO lookup by item and the target Printer Name.

The first 3 functions have no additional parameters and the last function - "Print" has 2 more: for specific Attachment Type and Sequence ID, for printing individual attachments.
And with our free XML Playground, these functions can be called directly on the server, without any additional development.