1. Migration from CF to Transform

    I posted this on Formscape forum, just reposting to CF one (maybe with better luck :)). Hi All, We are in the process of upgrading JDE from 8.0 to 9.2. For forms (and other reports processing, like emailing simple PDF) we've bought Transform 7.0 designer. We have a huge learning curve as...
  2. Upgrade form Formscape to Transform

    Hi All, We are looking for a approach to upgrade/migrate from FormScape 3.4.3 to Transform 3.0. If any of you have any prior experience in this please reply. Happy Holidays and Happy new year !!! PD
  3. FormScape 3.3 to Transform 3.3 Upgrade

    We are planning to upgrade from FormScape 3.3 version to Transform 3.3 with OneWorld Xe. Appreciate your help on the following. a). Is Transform 3.3 supported with OneWorld Xe? b). Do we need to redesign/rebuild the existing FormScape reports in Transform? c). What are the...
  4. tboat00

    Transform - Printing Media Object Attachments

    Looking for someone who has created a good solution for printing JDE media object attachments in Transform. For now, I cannot get the Transform product to recognize blank lines as it strips them out of the printed text. It also does not adhere to CRLF placement within the text. Does anyone...