Transaction Processing in JDE 9.1


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It seems that Transaction processing is not working on the event "OK Button Clicked" on a fix inspect form.
The logic is simply adding a record to a table and then immediately after the system function "Cancel User Transaction" is being called.

We expected from this test that the record is not added to the table. However, we could see that it is still being added.
The same logic has been copied from the OK Button clicked to the Post OK button Clicked and there it works fine. The record is not added to the table and the screen "Cancel Transaction" is displayed.

According to the JDE Documentation, we could see that Transaction Processing is present on the OK button Clicked and Post OK Button Clicked.
Is this a known issue?

Is there a fix for this problem?

We are currently using JDE 9.1.

This is probably because records are not yet written to table in OK-Button Clicked. Records will be inserted between Ok-Button Clicked and Post-OK Button clicked. That could be the reason why cancel transaction is working in Post-OK.

For you testing purpose insert a record into table using Table-IO (Better NER which can be included in Transaction Processing) in OK-Button clicked, and then write cancel transaction . It should work.