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We have an application that is behaving wierdly in two environments, the application is developed on custom tables. Initially, it used to work fine across all the environments. Recently we had a business requirement to include new columns to one of the key tables on which the table is developed. After the table is modified and the application is changed we tested it locally, worked fine. Then deployed to DV Web, worked fine. Promoted to QA and when we tested in QA Web it didn't work as designed, it showed the following error log:

<font color="red"> </font> <font color="red"> </font> "18 Jun 2010 16:00:15,854 [Line ?] [SEVERE] LT20012 - [BASE] com.jdedwards.database.base.JDBException: [TABLE_SPECS_PHYSICAL_TABLE_MISMATCH] Columns in table specification for Table F5642002 do not match those in database LRERPSQL2."

We checked the Database server for QA environment and all the newly added columns in DV are available in QA. Everything looks fine as far as table design is concerned, in QA. Checked in UTB for QA environment, looks good with the newly included columns. The strange thing is tried to test in QA full client and it works absolutely fine.

So there is some problem while running on server.

Recently we moved from to Thanks in Advance.

E9.0 (
SQL Server 2008
Windows NT


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Hi SreeVishnu,
your error is at the jas level, i'm sure that is a serialized object problem; so try to regenerate the SO for your application and table and let me know if it works.


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We have been suffereing a similar problem recently as well. The resolution in the end was to run the R92TAM to generate full set of DD specs and then the R98CRTGL to refresh the global table spces BEFORE doing the generation.

The generation looks at the local specs on the generation machine in order to create the serialised objects.

We tried to delete the DD specs and Global table specs before generating the amended table format - we thought that the system would JITI in the new items BUT that continually did not pick up the new structure therefore the full DD buld and global table build. This process works succesfully for all other table changes (for us) it is just this one tabe that appears to have this issue for us.
Thanks folks for your valuable inputs and responses on this, Our CNC has figured out the issue, he restarted the JAS instance and everything else took care of itself.

Once again thanks,