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Can the Table Conversion UBE be used to add records to an existing JDE table or can you only create new tables?

Problem: I have a flat file that contains records I want to add to the F3411 file. Do I need to first create a new table with these records and then write another UBE to add to the F3411 or can I use the Table conversion UBE to add the records directly to the F3411?

Thank you,

Kathy Bluske

One World XE, SP14.2, AS400 Coexistent


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As long as you don't check the "clear output tables" box in your Table
Options, it should leave existing records alone.

Ellen Deak
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Elkhart Products Corporation
B7333 SP 15.1 AS/400


HI Kathy,

Yes, Table conversion can add records to an existing One World table.
No problem to add records to F4311. Of course, just make sure that you
didn't select the 'Clear output table option'

And don't forget that you can use ER in TCs to perform checks during the




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The table conversion can add records to a table that already contains data.

Bill Feeney
JDE Technical Developer
B733.2, SP 13.1, Unix, Oracle 8.1.6

Bill Feeney
B7332 SP 13.1 Sun Unix Oracle 8.1.6