E9.2 Table Cardex


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Cardex records are in the F4111. The Quantity Primary UoM column is most likely a calculated field, where the system applies any conversion factor from the UM trns to the Primary UoM.


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Can you help us by describing what the application is showing / what its for?
Is this a General Ledger Journal/detail?
A Inventory Transactions Inquiry?
It looks like possible a custom application to me.


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It looks like P4111 to me. There's a processing option in P4111 to force the Primary UOM and Quantity Primary UoM to be displayed. And it looks like the other column headings are displayed in Spanish.


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Whatever screen you are in, go to the top menu and select databroswer
That will tell you the view it's using, then check XREF for views and tables. also do an Item Help or F1 to get the field you are interest in