B7.1 How to get data from f4211 table to update in external systems


We have a new requirement that we need to update the external system(salesforce) from the data from the f4211 table. Can you please help me on which business function i can use for the above one.
The thing would be, how would you want to interact with the information in JDE?

You can use the REST API and for example the endpoint for "data service": https://docs.oracle.com/en/applicat...duct/9.2/rest-api/op-v2-dataservice-post.html

I've used this to build web applications outside jde and works pretty good. Also used it with web services in order to make some actions.

Besides, you could access directly to the DDBB?

Depends on the needs, if you're able to use one or another programming language, etc.