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System Code Vs Product Code


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Perhaps this group can settle a disagreement that a collegue and I have
regarding System Codes vs Product Codes for customized development.

If we are creating a custom application to report the number of open orders,
what should the system code and product code be for such an application?



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In my experience we always use either 55 or 56 for both as they are reserved
for clients.

Bill Feeney

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Hi Mark,

I think so that Product Code and System Code is the same. JDE sometimes changes/mixes the terminology. List/Forum, am I right?
(e.g. the "Group" in User Profiles have been changed to "Role" in XE preserving the original functionality of this information.)

By JDE declaration the client reserved System (Product) Codes are:
55xx - 59xx
namely prefixed by 55, 56, 57, 58 or 59 and suffixed with a 0-2 long character group.
Here is some example for valid codes:
55, 5501, 551, 553B, 59, 591A, 5903

Hope this helps,

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Re: RE: System Code Vs Product Code

I think you should have System code = 56 (ie onf of the custom codes) and reporting / product code = 42 (ie the area it relates to)

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Re: RE: System Code Vs Product Code

I am in a total agreement with Sabir.

My question is: If JDE gives you enough room to express:
a - The System Object (55 to 59) and this one shows not only the object is a custom modification, but allows the Upgrade to preserve it and
b - The Reporting/Product Code may indicate where (Module Code) the object is used, or what data the object is using (showing); I'd say "info only"
why not using it?

Everybody knows that the Report/Product Code, by default, is filled in with the System Code, but, IMHO, it is not mandatory to keep the default, if you don't "like" it or if you choose to use it.

Adrian Chimirel
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