Symbols when printing


We are experiencing problems when printing within OneWorld. It does not
matter if it is a large document or a one page document. Sometimes it
prints fine and sometimes it prints symbols. The type of printers that we
are experiencing this on are HP 5, HP 5m, and HP 8150.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

XE SP16.1; Win2K; Citrix1.8 NFuse;


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where are you printing from? If printing from adobe off of citrix, you
cannot use the auto created printer on citrix. You will need to go to (on
adobe) file - print setup - network - type in the path to the printer on the
network. I.e. //server/printer

Jeremey Garcia
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What do the PDF's look like?

Mike Trottier
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Check your printer drivers. We've experienced something similiar with HP5000 and 8500 printers. The problem was resolved by installing newer printer drivers.

Larry Jones
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