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Stop NER Processing


Hi there, All.

I am on E920 with 3 different but rather "current" tools release levels (2019 and up), windows 2016 servers and SQL Server 2014.

I have an interesting dilemma. I have a BSFN that does a bit of editing before it completes it's intended job. For purposes of discussion, let's say I have 10 separate conditions so the NER could find up to 10 separate and distinct errors. If the NER encounters an error, I do not want to continue processing any part of the remaining NER code. And I do not want to have to code logic checking for the error before executing?

What I really want, sounds like a "stop event" system function for an NER. Any ideas?

Thanks, y'all!
Yeah, a stop event would have been nice. You can create a variable or DSTR member and use it as an error code. At each validation point set the error code to '1' for example if it fails. Also, at each validation point, check the value of the error code; it must be blank or null to continue. Return the code so the calling object knows it failed.

BF cError = ''
if validation 1 == false
     BF cError = '1'

if BF cError != '1'
     if validation2 == false
          BF cError = '1'
This is a simple pseudo example, I usually use a DD error message (DTAI) and check for that not being empty. So the calling app can get a description.



Thanks for the reply, Craig.

I was hopeful, but not optimistic about me not knowing or missing something... E1 development never ceases to amazes me in under achieving and letting us all down. Sigh. :confused:


To all intents and purposes E1 Development stopped 15-20 years ago. Development tools are still the old fat client and ER hasn't had any significant changes.