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I need a few answers please....

Does "SQL2000 Advanced" need "Windows 2000 Advanced Server"?
Anybody Running Webshere Standard 3.5 with more than
100 Users connecting to a Dual Box?
Or should we put Websphere 3.5
Advanced Server on JAS to run 200 users?

I've heard that Websphere Standard does not
cope with roughly 100 users on a Dual Box.
BUT the same Box with Webshere Advanced
Flies with up to 300 Users?

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Allen Hobson

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Yes, SQL200 Advanced needs Win2000 advanced server so it can take advantege
of the "advanced" features like clustering

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Re: RE: SQL Advanced Server

First, there's no such thing as SQL "Advanced"... I assume you meant "Enterprise".

Check out this link:

Win2k Advanced is NOT a requirement for SQL 2000. It's really a question of: What features of SQL require you to buy Enterprise edition? Do THOSE features also require Win2k Advanced edition?

As mentioned, Microsoft clustering is one example that would require both.

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