AIS Hardware Sizing



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Dear List,

had some questions regarding JDE AIS implementation if someone has it implemented in a mid-size setup.

Are there any recommendations for sizing an AIS server on 9.1.5.x? over WebSphere / Windows platform. Does it makes sense to keep the AIS Server separate on a different WebShere Windows box? Since the AIS server would need a 1 -1 mapping with a HTML server, will it be better to keep on the same WebSphere server as the JAS, specially from a performance perspective?

Does the WebSphere vertical clustering configuration work the same way as in HTML JAS instance for AIS? Has anyone implemented the AIS in a vertical cluster on WebSphere or WebLogic?

My Application release is 9.1 (Tr on iSeries. I do not expect a very heavy usage of the AIS servers, the concurrent usage may be between 50 - 100.

Any inputs and comments will be very helpful as always!

Many thanks,
Hi Soumen

Aside from memory utilization, I don't see an AIS server being heavily utilized at all. In effect, it provides a "conduit" to pass messages back and forth between the application and JDE HTML servers. As such, if you want to keep the AIS server on the same box as the HTML server, then thats your prerogative. My suggestion is for failover, to ensure you have several AIS/HTML servers and to loadbalance them - so if one of the servers fails, then you can re-connect to a different server. I'm not sure about using Websphere Vertical Clustering - personally I prefer to use either a hardware loadbalancer like an F5 OR to use a product like Zen LoadBalancer to simply loadbalance the AIS servers. Its usually a LOT more efficient, and (in the case of Zen) a LOT cheaper that way.

So - yes, in the case of both Weblogic AND Websphere, install and deploy a "simple" AIS/HTML setup and install at least two separate servers (Virtual is ideal) and loadbalance both of them.