Split Line on Ship Confirmation for Stocking Type U or O


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We are running into a more frequent issue that I need some help resolving.

We will place last transfer orders for an item and update the branch with a stocking type of U or O to prevent us from ordering more.

However, during ship confirmation, if we split the line, we get an integrity error that it can't add the split line numbers to the order. I'm sure it's following the rule that we won't allow an additional order to be placed. But surely many companies have this scenario, right?

Any ideas on how to fix it?


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What happens if you bypass batch ship confirm or P4205 and just run it through sales update . Sales update checks the SO02 flag and if not 1 not relieved inventory will try to do that too , does that fail too because of the split line and tries to add a new PO due to line type setup ?

I think the other option will be - to key in the order (due to line type config PO will generate ) , pick it , run it through sales update immediately , see if that works or generates new PO for new split lines added to SO , if does , then cancel them using some custom UBE and process after sales update for such cases .

Do you have any way to select such items on PO like any sales class subclass cat code or anything . May be use the PO ledger F43199 to see how the reocrd is generated by a process or user or scheduler and cancel them ?

Just a thought


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Just to add for this , you do the process , sales update , cancel and then update stocking type to U basically for use up so that other buyers cannot enter .Then nightly again , update stocking type to S , do the process , cancel and update back