SP23_J1 Intel/Windows Media, Can anyone help get me a copy today?


Hey guys and gals,

Short: Is there anyone that can help get me a copy of SP23_J1 tools for Intel/Windows Logic server ASAP? Maybe you have a physical copy and you can rip it and send/FTP me the ISO. Or you have a downloadable installer?

Long: We're in the middle of an upgrade to 9.1, but the old 8.0/B7334 SP23_J1 hardware is really lagging behind on performace. The company has decided that the issues with our current system necessitate addressing (temporarily pausing upgrading to 9.1). We're running on iSeries 5.3, but we're going to setup a virtual server, and set it up as an application/enterprise server to off load jobs from the aging iSeries/AS400. We've already got the foundation installer, but still need to find the Service Pack. I have reached out to Oracle support to get a copy of the service pack, but we need to try and get a copy ASAP. Anything you can do to help is much appreciated.

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John Durham