Single Wildcard



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I thought the issue of not being able to perform a single wildcard was
a weird one, and through playing around with the system, I stumbled
across the answer. To perform a single character wildcard you do not
enter anything in between the brackets []. Ie, to search for my name in
the address book, I would enter *GERS[]C*.

This will pull up all names with GERS*C in it.try it out and see if you
get the results that you want.


Xe, SP14.2, NT/SP6a, SQL/SP3
Hi John,

Please check the "Wild Char for a Single Character Position" thread on the "OneWorld / XE Developers" Forum/List started by me last Friday. There are a long discussion about this issue ther and Bob Bushley placed a very good suggestion there.


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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)