E9.2 REST API plug in for Googledocs



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Hi all

I was just playing around with plug ins for googledocs and came across some that can use REST APIs
Has anyone installed and used any of these at all and were there any security issues? As once you let some of the plug ins have access to your google account it can see all googledocs


ImportXML works right out of the box if you can auth using querystring, and I've used that to connect to some XML financial APIs with success and without installing anything. That would be my first choice if you could specify xml output and auth via querystring rather than header (and forget about oauth)

Looks like there are some apps scripts out there to do importJSON, you could skim through those and make sure they're not "phoning home" before installing them/giving them access

I would hesitate to install a plugin from a 3rd party. There's too much skeez out there.