Simplifying OW Printing Process


We are in the process of implemeting JDE OneWorld with following configuration:
1 HP-UX Application Server
1 HP-UX Database Server
Both HP-UX Servers will be Configured in a fail-over setup with MC Service Guard
2 Load Balanced Citrix Servers

We will not configure any printers on Citrix.
A default printer will be configured per users.

What we have discovered is that the proces to print a job from the Unix Server is pretty complex.
Following 6 to 9 steps need to be completed:
1. Select Work With Server Jobs or Work with Submitted Jobs
2. Click Find
3. Select the Server that job ran on.
4. This will the list all jobs you have run, click on the job you wish to print
5. Click on Print
6. If you do not want to use the default printer click the Form Exit Change Printer otherwise click OK
7. Select the printer you wish to use
8. Click OK
9. Click OK to print.

Anyone have experience in simplifying this process?


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What do you mean by simply?

1) If you go from Batch Versions screen, you will skip to step 4.
2) Keep the Submitted Reports -[Submitted Jobs Search] screen open and
minimised, then you only need to refresh it with a FIND.

Otherwise the process is nearly as simple as it can be:

ie Find Print Job, Select Print Job, Print it! I make that 4 key clicks from
the Submitted Reports screen,

Highlight Row

Obviously to change the Printer takes an extra three

Highlight Row
Highlight Row

If you want to print automatically, then select Print Immediate on the
Document Setup tab of Printer Selection, when submitting the job to run,
this will print the job on your default printer on completion. You can also
change the printer before running the Job.

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Sure - just turn on print immediate in their JDE.INI. Then all of their jobs
will automatically print. If you don't want to kill a forest every day just
have them use the new XE feature where they can select print immediate when
they submit the job. If you want to cut out a few steps have them use the
form exit - submitted jobs after they submit the job and it will take them
into the submitted jobs for the correct server and do a find for them. That
cuts out step 1-3. I don't see the steps you listed as being any different
than those using NT or the AS400 though at least that is how I remember it
when we used to be on NT.

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Unfortunately this is the way that pretty much all OneWorld printing works.
The only real long term solution is to install a 3rd Party Document
Management solution. Formscape, CreatPrint and JetForm are just a few of the

The short term workaround would be to change the Submitted Reports
application to default to the application server.

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There is a PrintImmediate parameter in jde.ini that if it's set to TRUE will
cause UBEs to print automatically when done.

Chi Lee
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