Label printing options



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We have gotten word that Loftware plans to end support for the application end of 2024. We have 1 business unit still running label jobs through an old Cform configuration which then prints the label of Zebra printer. All other BU's print labels directly via Loftware Print Server app to the label printers.

Given the end of support we are looking at all possible label printing options. We have been advised that the Loftware Print Server app would need to upgrade to NiceLabel if we stay with Loftware.

I have worked with several different configurations printing JDE PDF data via Cform to label printers. All have their own pros/cons. Cform can do label printing but it's not it's strong point.

What are other folks out in the JDEList community doing with label printing?

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We have a customer using the built-in BI engine in JDE to generate labels and then using our EverPrint solution to actually print them to Zebra.