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Signature on A/P Check


Does anybody out there have any information on applying a signature on an A/P check or any other document for that matter, while the check is being printed on a Laser Jet printer? We currently have a large inventory of Laser A/P pre-printed checks. These checks obviously are being produced by the standard JDE RPG program P04572 using RPG and the associated print files. I understand that there are software companies out there that provide a complete laser printed check including the signature, logo, MICRs, etc. The only requirement we have now is that we want the signature to print during the printing process. All other items such as the logo, MICRs, etc. are already on the preprinted check. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Ronald J. Levesque
MIS Director
A7.3 Cume 9 V4R2, World Software.

Ronald Levesque
MIS Director
A7.3 Cume 9