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Print Cover page prints all options even if not checked


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That print cover page option in RDA|Report Properties where you can check which items to print (Report Properties, System Properties, etc)...I'm only checking a few of them, but they're ALL printing regardless of whether they're checked or not.

Has anyone else seen this? I'm enabling this on a few reports because it seems like a good audit tool, but don't need all that information so was hoping to limit what displays.

Aside- you also have to check the box on the version to get the cover page to print; I didn't see this mentioned in some of the other threads so thought I'd throw this out there.


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Found the answer to my question, and its a little bizarre, has to do with the timing of when the version was created compared to the when you set the print cover page options.

For versions created BEFORE you set the cover page options on the UBE, the only thing it will do is print ALL of them for that version once you check the box to print cover page ON THE VERSION level.

For versions created AFTER you set the cover page options on the UBE, they will inherit the options selected on the UBE (again, you have to check the box for the cover page on the version). BUT if you change the print options on the UBE, those changes will NOT be reflected. You have to do a version override and go to the Report properties and set them at the version level.

Don't know why that is, version overrides (aside from DS and POs) are not exactly best practices for any development, but this is apparently the only way to get it to work. Included a link to an Oracle paper I found which describes this.