Show Grid Column & GF UDO Interactivity




I inherited a beast of an application. One of the parts I'm struggling with was the decision to first hide all the columns on a grid, then use a subform function to show based on a custom application/table that stored the table headers/data items using a "ProfileID" (Version Name of the Application) as a key to retrieve said columns.

So that may be confusing, so I'm going to try to break it down before I present my issue.

User Program Customization:
User accesses a ProfileID Header page, and can create or edit Profiles. This ID is usually named the same as the Version of the application, but must be used in the ProfileID Processing Option.
Editing the Detail of a ProfileID, lets the user hide, show, a predetermined list of data items, and even set them to have default values (set from a row exit).

Once they have finished with that, they then access the application and setup their column order.

Subform Function fires in Notified by Parent Event
Hides all columns
Loops through the custom table, using the ProfileID from Processing Options
Showing a column based on the Data Item value

This supposedly worked flawlessly before I started performing some changes on the backend. Added a few flags, did some subtotaling functions, and added two hidden flag columns (there's dozens on the application already that aren't seen by the user).

What's happening now is the BSA is able to do their setup in the custom applications, but when they attempt to setup the UDO GF they either can't see the columns, or the columns don't stick when they save their UDO. Also, sometimes the columns in the UDO become blue on the available list and cannot be moved.

Worse there are times where a BSA successfully sets everything up, users are able to see the published changes, then they revert following a build of the application.

I'm not sure if it's the timing of the events firing when the UDO reads in the available columns, or if we're just looking at a bug, or if something I did in my code blew this up.

My previous companies didn't really have a lot of UDOs, or if they did they were personal GFs only, not shared across the company. Also, the UDOs were handled through FAT OMW, not Web, not that any of that has any bearing on the issue, I'm just tired of seeing changes to UDOs every other update.