E9.2 UDOs - How to visualise which objects have UDOs attached (like R9840D)



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Hi Folks

9.0 UBE R9840D is a great UBE in that it can list all objects modified and what was done, events, grid columns added etc. I am looking for a similar UBE or APPL in 9.2 that lists UDOs
I know we have P98220U but that is not what I am after as I want to know what APPLs may have UDOs attached and what those UDOs are.
I don't want to go sniffing in backend tables like F9861W etc either, just a way of saying these APPLS have these UDOs and here is what they do

So does anyone know of such an interogation optioni in 9.2?


Cross Reference Facility is where I'd hope such a thing would land, if it were ever written as an enhancement to the software. There'd be a tab for UDOs, and with things like Interactive Applications & Batch Applications there'd be a section in each for UDOs. I think we're nowhere near what you're looking for though, especially if you're not willing to write something custom based on the backend tables.

Might be a good enhancement request for Oracle or maybe for ObjectBrowser?

Thanks. It should be there yeah

I may write something myself then using V9861WA maybe