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Service contract on CSMS


Hi everybody,

I need help on service contract CSMS. I have created a contract with all
items I need for a service work order.
Then when I created a service order, I selected the contract # amd attached
those items through part list.
I expect I will see the estimated billable cost based on the contract (which
is selling price of the items) on the part list screen
P3111 and on-line quote inquiry P17717 but they are all zero.

Did I miss anything ? I'm not so sure I understand the link between service
contract and service order so if you guys have
any advice step by step ......it will help me a lot...


JDE oneworld B733 update 3


Not sure you correctly understand the relationship between service contracts and service orders. Service Contracts allow you to set up warranty coverage information for a particular customer, or installed base record, or other criteria.

When you create a service order over an installed base record for example, and then entitle the service order either manually or automatically, if a match is found in the service contracts, that contracts coverage information will be used to determine billable amounts.

Possible reasons that you are receiving zero prices are that you did not properly set up Advanced Pricing to return a price, the service contract you selected for the service order provides 100% coverage, so there would be no billable amount.

Hope this points you in the right direction, but feel free to ask more specifics.