Selection and Sequencing NOT KEPT either // Re: Selections and Sequences


Here we have also found that the only way that selections and sequencing
are KEPT is when you modify them from Row (Exit Bar or Menu), PRIOR to
executing them, and precisely (-as Devi Misra points out-), having then to
"check in" the version afterwards, in order to make it available to all

When we modifiy selection and sequencing upon execution, the changes are
NOT kept either.

That's what we experience over here (OW Cum 2). Same case as yours, Tony,
it seems to me.

--> I share your belief: What the documentation says does not hold true.

(Processing Options, on the other hand, ARE indeed kept, even when modified
upon execution.)

Thanks, greetings, and regards! God bless everybody!

Cemtec Mexico // Monterrey Office
Tel (52) (8) 380-8000 Ext 5967
[email protected]

PS: If there is a way to set up that selection and sequencing (modified
during execution) persist, I'd be glad and thankful to know, too.

devimisra <[email protected]> on 2000/11/06 10:32:54 PM

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Please check in the version after you have added a new version for a
particular report, this makes the version available to every user in that
particular environment and keeps the latest changes. It is always advisable
to user Version Security in Prod enviroments to avoid any unauthorized

Devi Misra
[email protected]

>From: TStPierre <[email protected]>
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>Subject: Selections and Sequences - B7332 ~~0:550
>Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 12:37:33 -0800 (PST)
>The JDE documentation states that 'any changes you make with selections
>sequences remain with that version. Every successive run of that version
>will use the changes selection and sequencing.'
>This does not work for us, changes do NOT persist from one running of a
>version to the next. No error messages are sent to the logs. Is there some
>configuration setting that controls this?
>Tony St. Pierre
>WEL Energy
>Hamilton, New Zealand
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