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Securing PO Attachment after PO been printed/issued


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Hi all,

I would like to restrict PO attachment (Header and Line) from amendment once the PO is been printed. I wonder whether there is any way to achieve that using standard JDE way?

If this is not possible, any idea why JDE allow PO attachment been amended?

Thanks in advance for sharing your input on this.



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Security on Media object attachments is available in 8.12 & beyond. Refer to Oracle Doc ID 960464.1 for details.

Hope it works!



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Thanks for the input. The document describe type of security can be impose on Media Object attachment. Still, it doesn't really address the scenario which I am looking for as elaborate below:

1) User raise PO. User is allow to add, revise and delete the attachment during this stage.
2) PO shall then route for approval. Amendment of attachment still allow.
3) User print the PO. Once printed, no amendment inclusive contents in attachment shall be allow unless the PO been rollback for revision.

I can use status code to control amendment in PO lines but not the attachment contents if I'm not wrong.

If anyone of you have creative way to achieve that without any customization, I will appreciate if you could share with me.

Thank you.


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Just an idea without me really trying to mock it up, but how about:

Set up two different versions of the PO program on your menu, one that allows viewing/editing of PO's up to a certain status and one to allow viewing of POs only after a certain status. Call one: "Enter/Inquire on Prelim PO" or something similar and the other titled "Inquire on Finalized POs".

Then have your PO Print program advance the status to kick it over to the second screen.

Then put your media object security (and all other security) on the second screen only.

Again, haven't mocked it up but it sounds like it should work.


Don't forget about securing the ZJDE0001 version of PO entry, since that version is used when a user takes a row/form exit from another application, such as Supplier Ledger Inquiry and Sales Order Inquiry.


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for reply. Just curious how security control on attachment base on PO status can be achieved? Do you mind to share your thoughts on this?