Sales Transfer with multiple drops


We are working on One World B733.2, S.P.14.1

Often, in the same company, we transfer different items from a Branch/Plant to
more than one Branch/Plant on the same truck load. We also want to
automatically generate a demand in the Ship From Branch/Plant when entering the
order in the Ship To Branch/Plant.
Is there any way to create only one transfer order with more than one drop?

Example : Ship From Branch/Plant 101
Ship To Branch/Plant 112 and 114.


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You can invoke the ST/OT options is sales order. These automatically create purchase orders when sales orders are entered. See your setup guides for complete instructions.

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I don't think, if this is possible in the online process, however, if you
use EDI interoperability ube R47011, you should be able to create separate
orders for all the different SHIP to multiple locations using the SDQ logic.
This is from my limited knowledge of SOM, I would like hear if there are
other ways to achieve this. sounds really interesting.

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Do you want only one transfer order for the sending B/P? I don't think it
will be possible to get only one transfer order. You can use the ST/OT
functionality that creates purchase orders or sales orders automatically
when the other is entered along with transportation that will allow you to
combine shipments into loads with multiple stops.

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U can try to create a load with in transit tracking type and to setup in the
P4960 a version of the P4210 which create transfer for each
intermediate drop you will enter the system will create a transfer order

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