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We have a situation where the order date/transaction date may be 2 unique dates. For example, we may receive EDI or fax orders at the end of a day. We enter those orders the next day. For pricing and order purposes the order date (ie purchase order date) would be for the previous day (example 10/22/01). The date we entered the order into JD Edwards was the next date (example 10/23/01).
Now we run a daily sales order report. If we select based on the 10/23/01 date we do not include those orders from 10/22/01. If we select 10/22/01 we miss 10/23/01 orders.
Is there anyone out there that has this same situation? If so, how do you get around this problem?

JDE OneWorld Xe
NT 4.0
SQL 7.0


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Hi "pgeriesci"

I can think of three possible solutions. Hopefully one of them is suitable:

1) Write a Sales Order Entry report based on the sales ledger (F42199) instead of the Sales Detail files (F4211/F42119).
Your data selection should be based on SLUPMJ (date updated) and not SLTRDJ. The data selection should also only select SLPID = "EP4210" or "P4210". In the ER of the UBE you verify if the record is indeed the first time the order was entered/reviewed by testing if another record with the same keys (SLKCOO, SLDCTO, SLDOCO, SLLNID) but with an earlier time stamp (SLUPMJ/SLTDAY) exists. If this is the case the order was amended and hence a sales ledger record was written (suppress section write here). If this is not the case, the order/line was newly entered and can be reported upon.

2) Modify P4210 (B4200310) by copying the system date to the user reserved date field (SDURDT) for new lines and report on SDURDT

3) Is there another date field you are not using (eg request date or scheduled pick date) and use this field to record the order entry date (be careful with this, as these fields are used by eg MRP and also R3460 (to write to the forecast files)).
Alternatively you can set the "Sales Price date based on" to scheduled pick date and backdate this field (ignore the warning given)

Good luck,

Sef van den Nieuwelaar
B732 on NT, XE on NT, B732/A73 on AS400, B733 on NT