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E9.2 Sales order creation with multiple product lines.

Hey Everyone,

I am new to JD Edwards - therefore, you will notice I am not using JDE terminology.
Our Integration team is integrating Sales process between CRM(Dynamics365) and JDE(9.1). A part of the process is to convert Quote to the Sales Order. When the user converts a quote to sale order - information transmits to JDE9.1. The Sale Order creation process is ok when a small number of project lines are in the order. However, when we increase the product lines to say 50+; the entire process takes a long time. I was told that JDE inserts one product at a time to the order, and the process doesn't support any concurrent inserts. Therefore, if adding a product takes five seconds, then 50 products will take 5 x 50 to complete.

I am wondering if this is the right behaviour and is there a better way to handle large orders.

We use Rinami's Cantara to perform JDE operations.

Many Thanks
Piyush Srivastava


Active Member
Why dont you populate in EDI F47011 and F47012 and then fire the vanilla R47011 and take care . We do a lot of EDI with many trading partners and with our ecommerce . We also use a lot of BSSV for services to create sales orders , pricing display on B2B and we have no issues with large orders .

Mike Mackinnon

Well Known Member
You can also populate the F4706 with shipping information as well (linking together with EDI batch, document, type, line and Document key Co).

We used to use this to import sales orders but that was a long time ago...like 15 years ago.