E9.2 Sales Order Creation using MBF through orchestrator

We have a requirement of sales order creation / updates using orchestrator. We have not used form requests because of performance issues and opted for Custom Requests instead. We are calling Sales Order MBFs which works fine even for multiple lines insert and updates etc. The problem is when we are calling edit line multiple times for a multi-line order, we want to prevent calling enddoc; to stop the next number generation (because even if enddoc fail, it does consume the NN, we don't want that). For this, we have another orchestration which run editline and another groovy script function which set an error flag if any line fail validation.

After executing this process, it does show the order number in the orchestration output but doesn't create the order in the table.

Any idea what could be wrong here?



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This doesn't answer your specific question, its just an approach that might make things easier.

If it was me I would approach it the same way we do with BSSVs and our Orchestrations. We create BSFNs specifically for the BSSV/Orch that simplify as much as possible the call(s) that the BSSV/Orch needs to make. In this case you can have all the logic you need to call the MBFs and any other functions that might need to be called within a BSFN that presents a much simpler streamlined interface to the Orchestration instead of trying to handle all the BSFN to BSFN parameter mapping, error handling, etc inside of the Orchestration. For something like order creation your inevitably going to have to write some logic, certainly some now and probably more in the future and its probably going to be easier to do that logic in something like a BSFN as opposed to a low code tool like Orchestrator.