RUNUBE & Work Center Messages


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We are starting to explore the use of RUNUBE to schedule our batch jobs. One thing that we have noticed is that when running an UBE with RUNUBE, is that we don't see any of the messages generated in the Employee Work Center. Is this just a fact of life when using RUNUBE? If so, how do users view error messages, etc.?

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We can see these... We set up a user called NIGHTJOB. That user has an
AB number and such. Then if a user goes to their Work Center, then
selects Form and Employee Mailboxes, then finds Nightjob and selects that AB
number.... They can pull up the work center messages.

Some UBEs allow you to specify an AB number for work center messages... but
they are far and few between.

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Messages should go to the work center - the user id is the one used for the
RUNUBE. We have no problems here with WorkCenter messages.

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